The Burlington community takes great pride in its pastoral historic cemetery, a burial place since the 1800’s of family members and neighbours. In 2006, the Burlington (King’s County) Cemetery Society, comprised of volunteers, was formed to preserve the cemetery and to ensure ongoing accessibility.

The Society has honoured this directive by the annual commission of grounds maintenance and stone repair. Each spring a community work night has accomplished raking, pruning, fertilizing, reseeding, fence repair, and the addition of top soil to graves where needed. A detailed plot plan has been established and maintained.

Recently, a portion of the Cemetery was designated for ‘Green Burial”. The mandate of this international green movement is to leave as small a footprint on the planet as possible, thus eliminating embalming, a fancy coffin/liner, cremation or a headstone. Ideally, the deceased is interred in a timely manner in a simple shroud or pine box. Commemoration by a small marker or by planting a tree/shrub can identify the loved one was buried within the enclosed green area.

Extensive mapping of the Cemetery revealed the availability of a number of plots; the purchase cost of $300 entitles “the right to be buried” on a specific lot for one standard interment or up to four cremations. This fee supports the care and upkeep of the cemetery. Please contact David Ogilvie, Grounds Supervisor, at 902-538-3956 / 902-670-8883 (cell) or Pat Kemp (for Green Burial inquiries), Treasurer at 902-538-3387 for further details.

The Society was designated a Charitable Organization in 2007, permitting Income Tax deductible receipts for private donations. Contributions to the Cemetery in general or in memory of a loved one are greatly appreciated and will be used towards maintenance and improvement expenses. Please forward to Pat Kemp, Treasurer, at 3305 McNally Rd, Burlington, NS, B0P 1E0.